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David Egan
Information-Packed How-To Presentations
for Wedding &
Event Professionals and Couples

Want to have more success in your business? David's intense, information-packed presentations will show you how to delight your clients, decrease your stress and theirs, and make more money!

Not just a pretty face with a motivating story, David focuses on the ‘how’ of what you need, with real tools and techniques that you can use right away. This isn’t theory. It’s practical steps you can use to build your business and feel better doing it.


Building Successful Professional Relationships with Venues, from Promotion to Load-Out!
Event professionals can attract new clients and build their referral network at every venue they work. Here’s chapter and verse on what you can do right to build your business at every event!


Creating the Seamless Event!
The difference between smooth, easy events and crazy chaos is planning, organization, and cooperation. Here’s how event professionals can work together to make every event happen smoothly and successfully for them and their clients!

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